Campaign Cup Special Offer

Its that time again, the Millennium Series returns to Barleylands Farm near Basildon over the weekend of 4th-7th July.  With 32 UK teams playing, and 22 in OD2, we are running a very special team package for Race to 2 teams playing this event, coverage starts from just £25 per team! No that wasn’t a typo!  Please use the message function on our Facebook page to get in touch, and don’t leave it until the last minute or you may be disappointed. IMG_2427

North Vs South Big Game 2014



What a fantastic weekend festival of paintball, everything you could want from the Mega Arena to Magfed and even a nighttime evasion game.  Then, on Sunday, the main event, set in acres and acres of woodland, roadways, buildings and even a lake for the Big Game itself.  With over 1,700 players on site and plenty of trade support, players parties every night and a buzzing campsite, there was something for everyone.

Thanks to Jim Frencham and the warped crew for putting the event on and being fantastic hosts.

I’m still sorting out the downloadable images, but in the meanwhile, here is a gallery of over 760 sample sized imaged to browse, feel free to link this post to your facebook and like our page Fullbore Images while you are there.  When we get back from the Millennium in Germany over the weekend, We’ll get it sorted. Click here, or click the link at the top of the page, enjoy!

Gallery is in two parts, scroll down the page to find the second part.

3D Field Walker

In the past there was a paintball website that published interactive 3D views of forthcoming event layouts, now this is available again from currently they have the MS Mediterranean Cup field available, developers PCB Game have entered in to an agreement with the Millennium Series that will see the 3D version of the field released on the same day as the official Millennium field plans (and judging from the PCB page, a similar agreement has been reached with the PSP too).  For PC users a 25Mb plug-in is required, there is also an App for iOS and Android, though I couldn’t find anything in the Play Store.


The player view is adjustable to a height tolerance of 1cm and the view control is fairly easy to operate.  This is not only useful for players, us photographers and videographers like to find the sweet spots where we can get the best views and hopefully not get shot to bits in the process.

Website Updates


Been doing a little bit of maintenance around here, a refresh of the website style and new header images, the old one was getting a bit buggy and things were dropping out of site. 

Over the winter there has also been considerable investment in the working environment, hardware and new workflow management software.  This should improve the frequency of updates here and on our facebook page  

Click on the image above to see where we will be in 2013. We hope you enjoy the new look, keep an eye on the banners, it could be you!

Jay Ford – 7.10.1985 – 30.7.2012


I know I don’t update this site much, to be honest the internet is overrated, one thing that isn’t overrated is life, and today the life of a good friend and inspirational paintballer has been tragically cut short by cancer.  I’ve known Jay for a long time, he and I have got in to some scrapes together, taken road trips and shared more than a few ciders.  

I knew Jay was ill, in fact, I have known for some time, since he first had a melanoma removed several years ago.  We hoped that was the end, Jay showed amazing resilience.  Soon he was back on the field and in 2011 he got the calling to play for Nexus, throughout the Millennium Season and at World Cup in Florida that October.  Then the cancer came back, and he wasn’t well early this year, but a new chemotherapy treatment seemed to be doing great, shrinking the tumors and restoring the Jay we all knew.  At the end of June the Millennium Series rolled in to the UK with the London Masters event at Basildon.  Alongside this the European Championship was held, played between national teams.  Jay was proud to have been picked for the Great Britain team and wanted to defend his nations honor by helping retain the title.  He, and his teammates played valiantly,  only to be defeated in the last game by Russia.  Jay played with all his heart and soul in those games.  After the event he felt unwell again, I saw him a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t been back as I didn’t want to give him the cold I was carrying and he seemed to be getting better.

None of that has helped me come to terms with what has happened, today’s news was like a thunderbolt.  I didn’t see the post from his family on his facebook this morning until friends had texted me, it took more than a while to sink in.

In his all too brief life he touched many peoples hearts, he was a great friend to many, few I think really appreciated just how intelligent he was, he had a wicked sense of humor and as one of our friends once stated, Jay was like Marmite.

It’s hard to believe that this is one of the last photographs I will ever have taken of Jay, doing what he loved and representing his country.

Jays friends, his family, teammates past and present and the worldwide paintball community have lost a very special person, love and respect brother, forever 21.


Last Day In Florida

Today is our last day in Florida, yesterday we took some time out and visited Busch Gardens and rode the roller-coasters, got soaked on the water rides, ripped off for beer and food and went to dinner with Rich Hance from Custom Products and his family.  Cleared out the house this morning and went out to breakfast.  I’ll do a final update when I get home.

Gonna miss Lyn though.

Entity Unbanned

A little clarification on yesterday’s post.  It appears that we have a Guatemalan snich in our midst, a compatriot of Sebas and Cesar appears to have tipped off the PSP (after those guys helped him out setting up his field at home).  After further discussion with the PSP the Entity guys, Wes, Cesar and Yoshi would have been allowed to re-enter as a Division 2 5-man team today while Sebas’s ban is being reviewed.

Sebas is a Div 3 rated player but was playing in a D2 team this event, he registered for the Entity Armageddon team before the others arrived and somehow the PSP registration staff put a ‘Staff’ sticker on his card, rather than a player’s one.  Players are allowed to register for more than one team as long as they adhere to the divisional rulings.


Saturday Update & Gossip

Early start today as Nexus had an 8am game, first up on the pro-field, before the webcast was even going.  So, on site for 7 so Pit Boss Pete could sort them out.  They had a hard game against Damage picking up just one point.

Next up were Relentless in their last 24 game, despite being 2-1 up with 2 minutes left on the clock Relentless lost the next point and the subsequent overtime point failing to make the last 16 cut.

Tony ‘The Tiger’ Brandon playing with Relentless and singing the theme to Rosie & Jim

Back to the pro-field for the final Nexus game Vs X-Factor, with myself ans fello photographer Steve ‘Merv TV’ Wilson on opposing team rosters.  It took some time for Nexus to start countering the Texas boys with a late comeback seeing them put up 3 points on the scoreboard against a total of 6 from X-Factor.

Nexus prepare at the gate for their game against X-Factor

Jason Wheeler in what is rumored to be his last game for London Nexus (but we’ve heard that before).

In other news, Armageddon Entity forfeited all their games on Friday due to a roster infraction and all the players from Guatemala and the UK being banned for the event, with the illegal player being banned for a whole year.

Illegal Roster, Sebas from Armageddon, Guatemala

Banned, Armageddon Entity

All UK hopes rest on Twizz and Fluffy Bunnies who finished Friday top of the pile and are straight through  to the finals on Sunday, despite a controversial play from Twizz himself who made a massive run-through to grab the flag only to be declared dirty when hanging it and incurring a major penalty, after a long, and at sometimes, heated discussion with the filed refs, other team, and the PSP official.  It remains to be seen if the Bunnies play Twizz in the final.

Twizzle, pre-rampage.