Saturday Update & Gossip

Early start today as Nexus had an 8am game, first up on the pro-field, before the webcast was even going.  So, on site for 7 so Pit Boss Pete could sort them out.  They had a hard game against Damage picking up just one point.

Next up were Relentless in their last 24 game, despite being 2-1 up with 2 minutes left on the clock Relentless lost the next point and the subsequent overtime point failing to make the last 16 cut.

Tony ‘The Tiger’ Brandon playing with Relentless and singing the theme to Rosie & Jim

Back to the pro-field for the final Nexus game Vs X-Factor, with myself ans fello photographer Steve ‘Merv TV’ Wilson on opposing team rosters.  It took some time for Nexus to start countering the Texas boys with a late comeback seeing them put up 3 points on the scoreboard against a total of 6 from X-Factor.

Nexus prepare at the gate for their game against X-Factor

Jason Wheeler in what is rumored to be his last game for London Nexus (but we’ve heard that before).

In other news, Armageddon Entity forfeited all their games on Friday due to a roster infraction and all the players from Guatemala and the UK being banned for the event, with the illegal player being banned for a whole year.

Illegal Roster, Sebas from Armageddon, Guatemala

Banned, Armageddon Entity

All UK hopes rest on Twizz and Fluffy Bunnies who finished Friday top of the pile and are straight through  to the finals on Sunday, despite a controversial play from Twizz himself who made a massive run-through to grab the flag only to be declared dirty when hanging it and incurring a major penalty, after a long, and at sometimes, heated discussion with the filed refs, other team, and the PSP official.  It remains to be seen if the Bunnies play Twizz in the final.

Twizzle, pre-rampage.


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