Entity Unbanned

A little clarification on yesterday’s post.  It appears that we have a Guatemalan snich in our midst, a compatriot of Sebas and Cesar appears to have tipped off the PSP (after those guys helped him out setting up his field at home).  After further discussion with the PSP the Entity guys, Wes, Cesar and Yoshi would have been allowed to re-enter as a Division 2 5-man team today while Sebas’s ban is being reviewed.

Sebas is a Div 3 rated player but was playing in a D2 team this event, he registered for the Entity Armageddon team before the others arrived and somehow the PSP registration staff put a ‘Staff’ sticker on his card, rather than a player’s one.  Players are allowed to register for more than one team as long as they adhere to the divisional rulings.


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