3D Field Walker

In the past there was a paintball website that published interactive 3D views of forthcoming event layouts, now this is available again from http://www.xfield-paintball.com/ currently they have the MS Mediterranean Cup field available http://walk.xfield-paintball.com/millennium/puget2013/, developers PCB Game http://www.pcb-game.com/ have entered in to an agreement with the Millennium Series http://www.millennium-series.com/ that will see the 3D version of the field released on the same day as the official Millennium field plans (and judging from the PCB page, a similar agreement has been reached with the PSP too).  For PC users a 25Mb plug-in is required, there is also an App for iOS and Android, though I couldn’t find anything in the Play Store.


The player view is adjustable to a height tolerance of 1cm and the view control is fairly easy to operate.  This is not only useful for players, us photographers and videographers like to find the sweet spots where we can get the best views and hopefully not get shot to bits in the process.

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