Friday Update

Relentless win one and drop one going through to Saturday first game 9.30.

Nexus loose to Infamous 6-5 in overtime and to RL 7-3 not quite the whitewash some predicted in Paris.

Twizz & Fluffy Bunnies have won their 3rd game in a row and have a 4th to play later.

Armageddon Entity have won one and lost one in the Race to 2 and have 2 more to play.

Twizz Wins World Cup

Famously, Twizz won World Cup in the last millennium and does it again, or the first two prelims at least, with Fluffy Bunnies in the Masters Race to Four Division.

He nearly pulled off a spectacular 3 on 1 but traded with the last man.

Joining him was Johan of Aggression (the Belgian SPL team).

Mark ‘Twizz’ Dale

Johan Strampraat

Relentless Game 1 & 2

Game 1 Vs Prime went to a 1-1 draw and into overtime with Prime taking the point. Game 2 Vs LSD went 2-2 with Levis hanging the flag in the 5th point just as the game timer had rolled over zero! Another overtime point saw them take the game.

Guest player Trevor Hass with Relentless, game one.

James Granville – Captain London Relentless

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Registration Day

Bit of rain on Tuesday night but not the thunderstorms predicted, though it was quite grey and windy, first look at the site today and a walk of the GI field for Relentless, in what felt like a British autumn day.

Fantasy of Flight from the road with the fields behind.

For once registration and seemed to go quite smoothly, everybody brought their ID and there were no dramas.

Registration Hall

Signing the team roster

Then a brief chance to check out new products


Nexus On Field

Despite their arduous journey to Orlando, nexus were up early on Monday morning, and off to Paintball World Orlando for practice with Ironmen and then to CFP on Tuesday morning where they scrimed with RL and Moscow Grad.  Sporting box fresh DM12s (hence no pictures) they were working hard on the field to catch up.

Relentless and Tigers had a day off, the weather forecast wasn’t promising. though it turned out just to be overcast with a few showers, and most indulged in a little more retail therapy, or at least browsing, around Florida Mall, Early start in the morning, fields to be walked before registration.

World Cup Training at CFP

Training Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the London Relentless (with added Tigers) crew at the Central Florida Paintball site, home of Tampa Bay Damage.

Saturday was a learning the field exercise and once that was done the practice on Sunday saw them win points scrimming against Division 1-4 teams throughout Sunday.  Monday brought a change of pace with a Clinic hosted by TBD’s coach Paul Richards.  Valuable insight gained on the field layout and plays and the boys feel fighting fit.

London Relentless with Paul Richards at Central Florida Paintball

Talfryn Francis of ProjectBreakoutTV has put this video together of the trip so far, more to follow.

In other news, Nexus are here after a delayed flight and an unexpected bus ride, and trained at Orlando Paintball World today with Ironmen.

Field First View

Trip up to Central Florida Paintball today to get a firsthand view of the field before training.  Just caught the end of RL training while the boys had a good walk of the field, training starts in earnest tomorrow.

This evening saw an outing to Old Town, Lewie, Sausage and Potter took a trip on the skyrider, hopefully video to follow.

World Cup – Relaxation

Another lazy morning followed by a trip out to Gatorland (Gayterland for the Buttlanders) and the chance to ‘wrestle alligators’

Team Relentless WC 2011 by the lake at Gatorland

Johnathon ‘Sausage’ Hunter – Alligator Wrestler







PSP World Cup 2011 – Lakeland Florida

We will be updating the page with news from world cup, including pictures and video as the event progresses.  Please don’t expect in-game video (unless someone wants to pay the PSP fee), but hopefully some reports.  Currently encamped with the Tigers element of the combined Relentless/Tigers team playing under the London Relentless banner.

Currently sat by the pool as half the house still sleep, yesterday was an interesting one, what is the one thing you don’t want when you set off for the airport, yup, traffic chaos!  a 50 minute journey took 2 hrs 30 and I just made it for my flight but amazingly got landed and cleared and into the house before anyone else, a second cluster **** at the airport apparently saw various arrivals milling about trying to find each other, all was sorted and eventually they made it over.  We wait for Nexus, and the Entity crews to turn up later on.


More to follow: