CPPS Robaston – 27th June 2010


Sebas from Guatemala

The sample gallery from Rich & Mark’s CPPS event at the awesome new Robaston Venue is now up, again its just a taste of what was shot of the day, navigate to the gallery by clicking on the image above and contact me via the contacts page if you want to see more.

NSPL Reading Round 4 – 20th June

Si Bonner

Si Shooting Down The London Tape

Gallery is up for the NSPL Reading Summer Round including some of the antics and party games from the Saturday night party!

As usual this is just a representation of the total image collection, please click on the image above to navigate to the gallery.

Super5ives June 13th

Images from the June round of the Super5ives are up now, click on the image above to navigate to the gallery!

This is all of them, sorry, but with the short day, the rush to get images printed for prizegiving, the extra bunkers and tight field making in-game photography pretty impossible (thanks Myke for that) I didn’t get time for more. oh, and I lost a few from the 2nd camera, so no prizegiving shots :(

Emails & Messages

Some of you have pointed out that I haven’t been replying to emails and messages, its not because I don’t love you all, I’ve just been pretty busy, I have a couple of free days and if I can beat the hay fever I hope to clear the backlog of replies.