We leave for Germany and the 2nd leg of the Millennium Series held on the ex-USAF airfield in Bitburg in the beautiful Eifel region. The journey starts in the wee small hours and a 6am ferry to Dunkirk, we should be there more-or-less in time for the remaining CPL preliminary games from Malaga.

If you want coverage drop us a line or come grab us, say hello and take some stickers 😉


More grey weather at Bricket Wood! Popped in for another chance to get the feel of the field before Germany and to try a few ideas out, I certainly know what doesn’t work now 😉

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NSPL Round 3 – 09 May 2010

The sample gallery for last Sunday’s NSPL at Bricket Wood is now up, click on the image below to access it.

No mud, but also very little sunshine too, both UK CPL teams, Shockwave and Nexus and plenty of action going on on all three fields.

Thanks to Yorkie and the Bricket Wood crew for the venue, Syd and his skeleton staff for the organisation and to Ray Ko for the media access.

Can Haz Stickerz?

OK, so one of the most frequently asked questions at the field is “have you got any stickers?” after a slight delay involving cancelled flights (they were supposed to be collected in Spain) we finally have our first batch of stickers!  Thanks go out to Steve Brown of Manchester Method for sorting this limited batch of white on black or white on clear bespoke decals out for us.  Very much a ‘tester’ if you like these we will commission more, or maybe move to another design.  Grab some while they’re hot!

From The Bridge

Captain’s Log, Stardate: -312653.0925608829

Having encountered trouble with Tribbles the Starship Fullbore has been in dock for a major backup, overhaul and restore process.  Now almost running at full strength again we apologise for the technical hitches, will work through your messages and requests and get more image galleries posted.  Normal service hopefully resumes with this weekend’s NSPL @ Bricket Wood.

Summer @ Super5ives

With thunderstorms lashing the southern coasts of the Iberian peninsular and widespread travel chaos ensuing from  Icelandic pyroclastic fallout there were some unexpected visitors to the Super5ives Summer Series Round 1 at Ambush Paintball, your favourite photographer included!

Apologies for the delay in posting the sample gallery, it just hasn’t been the week for getting things done quickly but please  enjoy, and remember, there are more images, if you would like to see more drop us a message via the contact page.

Who Needs Spain?

Just some of the players from Method, Warped, Ratz & Shock 2/3 who made the best of a slightly disrupted weekend and played the Super5ives when they couldn’t get to Spain for the Millennium event.  The results: Super5ives 2 –  Millennium 0  sunshine and games on schedule!  The sample gallery will be up shortly from this event.

Impact UK

Welcome aboard Impact UK, our first official logo carrying team!

Here’s a sneak preview of their new jerseys, due to be unveiled in Spain this weekend.
All the best to Ian and the boys for the season.