NSPL Round 2 – Easter Sunday

The watchword of the weekend was again mud, with even more rain over the ensuing few weeks since round one and intervening training etc. the ground was brown and sticky interspersed with the odd piece of unchurned grass. Still, everyone grinned and bared the conditions, a little light speckling of rain around lunchtime was the only sigh of precipitation all day and the players and teams got on with the task in hand.

Hot out of the tanks in our secret processing facility is this sample of the most audacious reffing manouver of the day, more images will be added to the gallery shortly.

Thanks to Yorkie and the Bricket Wood crew for the venu, Syd and his skelleton staff for the organisation, Nicky T and Planet for the Easter egs and prizes and Ray Ko for the media access.

Hot Cross Buns & Cheese FTW!

Super5ives Winter Series Round 6 Pictures Added

Pictures from the final winter series round at ambush added, this will be our last S5s event until June as Kitch has cunningly allighed his next two dates with the Millennium Series Malaga and Germany events!

Some how I managed to miss out on the Easter egg grab, I can’t imagine why anybody would think it appropriate to sling chocolate about while I was holding a brace of cameras

We will be adding previous rounds as we build up the galleries, for the March event go HERE

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